Do you believe in Miracles?

First of all I am not an overly great Christian. Although I believe, I don’t attend any church services on a regular basis

Last week, when I was all stressed out about my pending back surgery, I woke up one morning at 4 am and had an epiphany. I said God, I am putting my life in your hands. I suddenly felt an enormous burden lifted from my soul. I knew at that moment God had heard me and I said prayers of thanks.

After loosing my son Matt in 1986, I remember, how the morning doves on my roof cooing, gave me comfort and peace. My son had a paper route and each morning he would make the sounds of the dove as he left to deliver his papers. The doves were messengers from God that my Matt was ok and happy.

When I told my story to a nurse she said they have seen this white dove before , I truly believed that it was from God. I am renewed in my faith. My surgery was completed and I am now recovering.

The white Dove

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